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why mobile learning?

Our first blog post...

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"Mobile phones have changed everything, but not learning. Why?"

Thank you for reading this blog. This will hopefully be the first of many where we explore the world of learning.

Not eLearning.

Not online learning.

Learning - all of it.

So much of our world has been changed by mobile telephony - particularly the smartphone. And if you look at developing countries - they're impacted even more by mobile telephony.

Take India for example. A country of 1.3b people with a demographic that is incredibly young. By 2022 they will have 1/3 of the world's working population.

Anyone who has been to India knows that their infrastructure is challenged. Roads, power, water, toilets - they're all not keeping up. But what you might not notice is that India is rapidly rebuilding their entire society around mobile telephony. Bank accounts, payments, government services - once unreachable for most is now everywhere.

This is one of my favourite slides, from a presentation by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins:

India's internet traffic is nearly 80% of all web traffic. Wow!

And if you think that's off a low base, think again. Here's what's happened this year as a result of cheap 4G plans coming on to the market.

Now, imagine this being repeated across the developing world. So, if people are doing everything else on their mobile devices - quite sophisticated stuff including opening bank accounts, interacting with government, booking airline tickets and trading Bitcoin.

So why not learning?

Why indeed.

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